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Monday, July 16, 2018

The asymmetrical pattern design provides the tyre with more traction and optimum high-speed stability.  The wider contact surface armed with asymmetrical pattern highlights the different functions of inner treads and side treads to offer optimal handling safety and ride comfort.  Excellent steering stability and precise turning response is ensured through robustness of the shoulder structure.
Adoption of Silicon Dioxide Technology substituted for traditional carbon black to reduce rolling resistance, increases the traction and shortens the braking distance whilst ensuring driving safety.

Series Size Load Index & Speed Rating Standard Rim
40 205/40ZR17 84W 7.5J
215/40ZR17 87W 7.5J
235/40R18 95W 8.5J
45 205/45ZR16 85W/V 7.50J
205/45ZR17 84W/V 8.00J
215/45ZR17 90W/V 8.00J
225/45ZR17 87W/V 8.50J
235/45ZR17 89W/V 8.50J
50 195/50R15 82V 6.0J
205/50R16 87W 6.5J
205/50R17 95W 7.0J
215/50R17 91W 7.0J
225/50R16 92W 7.0J
225/50R17 98W 7.0J
55 185/55R15 82V 6.0J
195/55R15 85V 6.0J
205/55R16 94W 6.5J
215/55R16 97W 7.0J
215/55R17 98W 7.0J
225/55R16 99W 7.0J
225/55R17 101W 7.0J
235/55R17 103W 7.5J



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