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Friday, July 20, 2018

Compensation Policy

No matter what happened in our cooperation, please accept our apology for you to read this compensation policy. Quality products and services are our changeless targets to all customers. However, for some reasons, beyond our control or inadvertently, we are unable the meet the product and service levels committed. Under this circumstance, please take your deep breath and follow me to solve problems readily.

1, Refers to tire losses, all the tires before loading should be inspected by CCIB and issued clearance documents, in the same time, quantities of exporting, specifications, tire appearance, proper packing, label are stating on the papers. In the BL goods descriptions, quantities are fully same as CCIB documents states. So there is seldom happened on miss loading and losses on tires by sea. Anyway, if you found tire missed when you open the containers, Mammon promise as follows,

One to five pcs, we will compensate you without any delay through TT or deduct from next orders amount.

Five to ten pcs, we will compensate you on the basis of pictures or documents evidence.

More than ten pcs, we may need an inspection documents from customer’s custom and compensate you after investigation.

2, Refers to defective tires, from date of arrival on destination port,

Within one month, no matter use or not, Mammon will compensate 100% by replace the tires one by one through TT or deduct from next orders amount.

One month to six months 75% compensation on defective tires.

Six months to one year, 50% compensation on defective tires.

More than one year, negotiation in detail.

All the compensations on defective tires need customer to favor,

Clear pictures on defective tires and show the quality problems.

Clear pictures on each tire number and brand name.

Or inspection report by government or recognized bureau.

What is not covered

Road hazard injury

Improper maintenance or abuse


Treadwear under safety signs

Improper storage


3, Refers to mistake sizes which customer didn’t ordered,

Very rare time, factories make mistake on tire label or loaded the sizes or patterns that customer didn’t ordered, under this circumstance, we need customers to take pictures and show the truth clear, we will compensation from correlative factory. The evidence from customer is very important for us to solve the problem quickly and give factory suggestions. Factory could check out which worker made mistake and how to avoid it in future loading. It is benefit for both of customers or factories. So your cooperation on showing the evidence is very important to us.

Mammon, as a professional trading company, we do our utmost to avoid mistake and compensations, but no matter what happened in our cooperation, understanding, negotiation, efficiency and patience is our unchanged policy. We expect your suggestions and support.